Atelier Minimalist is a Belgian fashion label with a contemporary and elegant design. We offer timeless clothing, produced locally and ethically in small quantities.

The first collection was launched in September 2019 using minimal geometry as its most important style element. 

Dorsa Mohadjerin, the founder and designer, finds inspiration in modern art, architecture and nature. She combines subtle geometries with confident fits to create a timeless, elegant and unique look.

Each piece is designed and made consciously in Belgium. We work with our tailors to ensure that your clothing is created with ethics and environmentalism in mind. The same goes for the fabrics: all thoughtfully chosen or repurposed, providing you with the best quality. The sophisticated craftsmanship is clearly visible.

Atelier Minimalist firmly believes in the 'slow design approach'. Therefore, the label focuses on timeless collections that blend into each other. New variations of existing pieces are re-invented in different colours, fabrics or proportions and added to the collection.

We hope to inspire people to support local & sustainable production and invest in timeless fashion.